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Rash Be Gone

Rash Be Gone

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This product has been specifically made to treat mud rash and rain scald. This condition that mostly affects horses is a bacteria called Dermatophilus congolensis. This bacteria is found on all horse's skin and only causes a problem when it gets into a nice warm and moist environment with skin that is having a hard time.

We have come up with a natural gel based formula to help the skin fight off this bacteria, making it a hostile place for the bacteria to multiply and to give the nutrients to the skin to heal and fight back.

The base for this product is colloidal silver. This is known for its amazing healing and antibacterial properties, yet being such a gentle warrior. This is a WATER BASED product so there is no nasty oily dirty build ups. Perfect for competition and show horses.

'After struggling with mud rash for a while, I tried Rash be gone. I had already tried a number of other products but nothing seemed to work. The results with this were amazing. After just a couple of days we could see the difference. Instead of being dry and brittle, the rash was becoming soft and we could easily pick bits off. Within 7-10 days, the mud rash had completely cleared. I highly recommend Rash be gone. It’s all natural, easy to use and it works.'

S. Walker, Wellington

Other ingredients include: Neem, Tea tree, Frankincense, Zinc.


200ml pump bottle.

How to use:

Clean the affected area as best you can. Massage gel right into the problem area. Repeat daily for best results. If your animal is prone to mud rash then this product can be used in the area as a preventative.