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Soap lucky dip

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The perfect way to try lots of different scents. A pack will be sent at random. 

Each pack is over 120g


Our soaps are filled with luxurious moisturising oils and butters. They are handmade  and one will not look like the other - making them original art. Designs change with each batch, although we will keep the same core scents.

All soaps have the same base ingredients but have different scents and colours. Each soap is hand cut and will be approximately 120g (+/- 15g)


Ingredients: Coconut oil, virgin olive oil, castor oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, sodium hydroxide, sodium lactate, titanium dioxide, fragrance, essential oils, activated charcoal & mica.


What are in our bars???

Cocoa butter - Deliciously decadent. A rich hard butter that not only nourishes but hardens our bars for longer use. 

Shea Butter - Have you felt 100% shea? This is moisturiser to the MAX. Creamy goodness that loves skin. It is extracted from the nut of the African shea tree.

Castor oil - A clear oil pressed from castor beans, this helps the bubble factor in the soap.

Extra virgin NZ olive oil: Pressed from olives grown in the lower North Island of New Zealand. This oil has the most health promoting benefits than any other oil. The rich green/olive colour gives our soaps a creamy, not white finish. 

Coconut oil - full cleansing, firming and skin-loving properties, this oil is a must have in our art soaps. 

Sodium lactate - This is just liquid salt. What it does is helps the bar harden more. A harder bar of soap will last longer.

Sodium hydroxide - This ingredient is what makes oils into soap. This happens via a process called saponification. It is a little like emulsifying eggs, oils and lemon juice to make aioli. In raw form, sodium hydroxide is very caustic, this is why once natural soap is made, it must sit for at least 6 weeks to cure. In this time, the sodium hydroxide leaves the soap and the PH lowers. 

Water - By the time the soap reaches you, the water has all gone.